Bryan Neumann

Bryan grew up in Central Texas, and began painting when he was in middle school. His mother bought him his first set of brushes and paint when he was 8 years old, and he is still using those brushes today to create increasingly detailed pieces of art. He expresses his desire for art through photography and realist acrylic painting.

He is currently active duty Air Force stationed in San Antonio. Bryan enjoys painting cultural studies, birds, aircraft, and especially railroad subjects. Much of Bryan’s art has a West Texas influence, since his wife’s family is from the Big Bend and El Paso area. His daughter is also a budding artist even while still in elementary school, working to master the human figure.

Bryan is vice president and a member artist with the River Art Gallery at La Villita in San Antonio. He has done numerous commissioned works for a diverse group of art lovers, and is represented by several railroad museums in Texas. The director of the HQ US Air Force Art Collection recently accepted an original piece into their official collection at the Pentagon, and has personally requested Bryan’s support with official art projects.